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Chapter 2: GFCI - Electrical Inspection

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

...With meticulous scrutiny, Sherlock detected a subtle flaw in the kitchen—a faulty GFCI outlet silently posing a potential electrical hazard, ready to be unraveled by his discerning eye...

GFCI's are often tested during an electrical inspection. However, many people don't understand what they do. Well, here is a simple explanation.

GFCI protected receptacles play a crucial role in ensuring safety in wet areas such as the outside of a house or in a kitchen. These receptacles are designed to quickly detect electrical faults and interrupt the circuit to prevent electric shock hazards. Water and moisture increase the risk of electrical accidents, making GFCI protection essential. By swiftly cutting off power when an imbalance is detected, GFCI receptacles save lives and reduce the chances of severe injuries. Installing GFCI outlets in these areas is a responsible and necessary step towards safeguarding individuals and promoting electrical safety. Simply put, GFCIs keep you from getting shocked, or worse, electrocuted.

This post brought to you by Holmes and Watson Inspection Agency with inspiration from my first inspection of the day today.

Sherlock testing the GFCI in the kitchen
Sherlock testing the GFCI in the kitchen

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